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Soft Cervical Collar

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Soft cervical collars are commonly used by patients who have had a surgical intervention of the cervical spine, to immobilise the neck and as for the treatment of neck pain, caused by acute trauma or chronic pain. The main goal of neck collars is to prevent or minimise motion in the cervical spine. It also keeps the head in a comfortable gravity aligned position, maintaining normal cervical lordosis.

Soft collars are made out of felt. They are cut to mould around the neck and jaw of the patient, the size being adjusted to the patient. These collars do not completely immobilise the neck however, they restrict motion and are a kinesthetic reminder for the patient to reduce neck movement. Since the collar is under the chin and supports the chin, it minimises muscle contraction needed against the gravity forces to keep the head in a normal position .

Soft Cervical Collar Size

L ( 15-17 inch / 38-42 cm ), M ( 14-15 inch / 34-38 cm ), S ( 12-14 inch / 30-34cm ), XL ( 17-18 inch / 42-46 cm ), XS ( 10-12 inch / 26-30cm ), XXL ( 18-20 inch / 46-50 cm ), XXXL ( 20-22 inch / 50-54 cm )


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