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Surgical Lumbo Scral Corset

Rs 4,795.00


A type of orthotic device which is designed to support, immobilize and treat muscles, joints, and skeletal problems. The belt made with flexible back splints, in order to provide comfortable support to the back and to allay low back pain. Also it provides ability to wear during daily routines and as a prophylactic aid.

As a trusted Medicare distributor where professionals prescribed we Leon Medicare, surgical lumbo sacral corset offer you the ability to move more comfortably with absolute perfectly fit when enduring an episode of back pain where normal activity has become intolerable.

Lumbo Scral Corset Size

30 inch / 75cm, 32 inch / 80cm, 34 inch / 85cm, 36 inch / 90cm, 38 inch / 95cm, 40 inch / 100cm, 42 inch / 105cm, 44 inch / 110cm, 46 inch / 115cm, 48 inch / 120cm, 50 inch / 125cm


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